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College of Chemistry X-ray Crystallography Facility

23 Lewis Hall (office) - 32 Lewis Hall (diffractorium)
Crystallographer: Dr. Antonio DiPasquale
Phone: 510-642-8444
email: adipasqu@berkeley.edu

Cell (emergency’s only): 206-391-0784


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Industrial Contacts and Customers: Please eMail Dr. DiPasquale directly for further information regarding crystallographic services.


CHEXRAY is one of the analytical facilities at the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.  CHEXRAY provides single-crystal X-ray structure determinations for researchers at the College, the general campus community and outside source.  It also provides training in crystallographic techniques and allows students and faculty users to perform their own crystallographic analyses.

The X-ray course, Chem208, is offered in the Spring Semester.


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